Baby G is…20 Weeks Old

Well, Baby G is 20 weeks old! Wow. Technically she was 20 weeks old yesterday, but teething is making it hard to sit down and write anything meaningful these past few days. Some people say 20 weeks is 5 months old, but I say not yet! She’ll be 5 months at the end of the month. Don’t age her before her time, people!

Here’s a little update on how she’s doing…Baby G sleeping

Weight: Baby G has officially doubled her birth weight and weighs a little over 14lbs. She’s getting too old to get weighed every week, so we’re slowing it down to every 2 weeks now. She’s not due for another weighing until next week. I can really feel the heaviness in her when I pick her up though, it’s crazy.

Sleeping: Ok. We’re not doing so well with sleep at the moment. I don’t know if it’s teething or if maybe it’s time for her to be transferred to her own room but all I know is for the past week (maybe even 10 days) she has not been sleeping well AT ALL. It’s incredibly frustrating because we did hit a good stretch of 6-7 hour stretches and now…we’re lucky if we get 2 hours. Seriously. A few nights ago she was awake every 45 minutes. I almost lost my mind. I’ve heard of the 4 months sleep regression, but that’s just crazy. I wonder if maybe she’s getting ready to start solids? I have no idea…I just hope she settles down again soon!

Feeding: Feeding is still going well. But she’s entered that new phase where she’s easily distracted – sometimes she doesn’t like when I talk. She especially doesn’t like when there’s something exciting happening because she doesn’t want to miss out. It’s making feeding in public a little…awkward to say the least! But generally, she’s feeding every 2-3 hours still. She’s always been a little and often feeder and I think she’ll stay that way (I’m very like that too).

Routine: Routines go out the window when the baby starts teething. BUT – she’s getting very good at putting herself to sleep, so long as she’s not sore at the time. Generally these days she’s awake for 2 hours (sometimes 2 and a half hours) before she needs another nap. If we’re out somewhere, she’ll generally only sleep 20-30 minutes at a time. I guess the noises and movements wake her. But if we’re home and it’s nap time, she’ll sleep for about 40-60 minutes, depending how tired she is. That means we get about 5 naps a day. Sometimes she’ll dose off in the car even if it’s not nap time and that can push sleep times off. Bed time is anytime around 7/7.30pm. But again, some nights she’ll stay down and I’ll dream feed her when I go to bed…and other nights she’ll wake after going down as if it was a nap. We’re still working on this!


  • Rolling over! Right before she turned 4 months old (so 4 weeks ago today actually) she rolled from her back to her tummy for the first time. It was amazing! She’d been trying for DAYS to get it right and couldn’t quite figure out the shoulder thing, but then one day it just happened! And then she napped for about 2 hours haha…it must have been exhausting. She’s still not able to roll from her tummy to her back, so she can get frustrated sometimes and I’m frequently having to get up and show her how to roll back. But I guess she’ll get there eventually!
  • Giggling!! She’s not giggling all the time yet, but she loves to be lifted up above our heads or have her daddy kiss her tummy with his beard. Her giggling starts off like a little old man grunt and then turns into a chuckle. It’s adorable. I can’t wait for her to start giggling more frequently…but the day she giggled for the first time, my heart melted. So precious.
  • Her neck control is getting much better as well. She’s really pushing herself up onto her elbows and looking around, which is wonderful. I’m looking forward to her being able to sit in a high chair soon – she loves being up and seeing what’s going on!
  • Also…We started swim classes!! It is so sweet. We sing songs and they get used to the water. The class only lasts 20 minutes and is once a week but she loves it. She’s not the biggest fan of being on her back and getting water in her ears, but otherwise she’s doing great. I think it’s helping the neck control as well because she’s learning to keep her head above water. We’ve also dunked under water a few times – she’s always surprised by that part! But she doesn’t cry, so I take that as a good sign.

Likes/Dislikes: Her thumb! She loves sucking her thumb and it’s kind of been a blessing because it really helps her put herself to sleep.

Baby G Thumb Sucking

She’s still loving white noise for nap time (hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, music, the car, white noise from my iPhone app).

She loves standing! She wants to be held and she stands up all the time, it’s really cute. But also tiring!! She really doesn’t like sitting on my lap. She’s either being cuddled or she’s standing.

She likes watching things – up until she was about 2 months old, she wanted to held facing me the whole time. But now, she’s taking in everything and, unless she’s sad or tired, she likes to be held facing out. Also, when we’re driving I love looking back at her (we have a little mirror facing her so I can see her while I’m driving) and see her watching everything go by the window. She makes the cutest face as she takes it all in. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to be that new to the world and try and make sense of everything.

Baby G watching

She loves her playmat that plays music. If the music is off, she gives out. Actually, the music has started to sound funny the last few times – I think we’re burning ti out!

She doesn’t like farting (haha) and she doesn’t like teething. Poor baby.

All in all though, she’s such a happy lovely baby. I’m loving all the smiles she’s been giving me as well. She really smiles at everything!

Baby G Smiles


Baby G is…10 Weeks Old

I can’t believe Baby G was born 10 weeks ago. For me, this is a huge milestone because she’ll never be single digit weeks old again! It’s also crazy to me just how fast this time is going by…especially considering the lack of sleep involved.

Here’s a little glimpse of what life is like for our beautiful 10 week old.

Weight: Baby G weighs a little over 11lbs which means she’s gained 3lbs since she was born. I think her weight gain is beginning to slow down a little now. Not sure if that’s normal or not?

Sleeping: This is still a bit up in the air. She loves falling asleep on me or on her dad’s chest and very rarely lets me put her down for a nap before she’s asleep. I’m letting this go until she’s about 12 weeks/3 months old and then I’m going to start being a little more strict with her. But she’s quite good at nighttime. It can take us 2-3 hours to get her to go to sleep but once she’s down for the night she wakes only to feed and then falls straight back to sleep which is brilliant. She’s typically going 3 hours between night feeds now. I’m hoping this will start to stretch out a bit more soon. She’s still in the co-sleeper to begin the night but usually ends up in the bed with us by the 3rd feed. Once the daylight starts coming through (around 5am) there’s also no putting her back in the co-sleeper.

Feeding: Feeding is still going well. She likes to eat little and often. Typically she feeds for 10 minutes after she wakes up from her naps and that gives us 2 hours or so before she wants her next feed. Though she does look for little snacks every so often. I tried to enforce feeding no sooner than two and a half hours before she gets to feed again (as suggested by a local midwife) but that led to a catastrophic meltdown in a public car park…so I’ve backed off trying to keep a feeding schedule and I’m letting her just feed when she wants. Again, when she hits the 3 month mark I might revisit this a bit more.

Routine: We don’t really have much of a routine down. She’s still very much keeping me on my toes. Some days she’s more awake than others (and usually this means I have to hold her/bounce her/walk with her) and some days she’s very easy and likes to dose in and out a lot. We’ve been trying a bedtime routine – bringing her in to the bedroom, changing her, reading a story and putting her down to sleep – but it’s not going so well. The first night it worked PERFECTLY and she slept for her first (and so far only) 6 hour stretch and I thought we hit the jackpot. It hasn’t happened since and some nights I can literally pace around the bedroom for 3 hours before she lets me put her down without her waking back up again. Did I mention I’m waiting for the 3 month mark to start enforcing more of a proper routine?

Milestones: Baby chats! I just love love love how she’s started trying to talk to us. She coos and gurgles with purpose, usually after a feed, and then breaks into all sorts of smiles when I talk back to her. It’s just the cutest thing in the whole world. You can see her working so hard to make all sorts of shapes with her mouth and then she watches my mouth when I start saying things too. I successfully managed to film one of our baby chats and I keep showing it to everyone. Melts my heart each time. Also, she’s been letting me leave her on her play mat for a few minutes on her own which she never did before. So I guess she’s starting to learn to entertain herself a little?

Likes/Dislikes: She’s still loving white noise (hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, music, the car, white noise from my iPhone app) and loves sleeping on us. She hates being put in her car seat (but then loves being in the car), doesn’t like being put down on her own and still seems to really dislike pooping (haha).