Baby G is…10 Weeks Old

I can’t believe Baby G was born 10 weeks ago. For me, this is a huge milestone because she’ll never be single digit weeks old again! It’s also crazy to me just how fast this time is going by…especially considering the lack of sleep involved.

Here’s a little glimpse of what life is like for our beautiful 10 week old.

Weight: Baby G weighs a little over 11lbs which means she’s gained 3lbs since she was born. I think her weight gain is beginning to slow down a little now. Not sure if that’s normal or not?

Sleeping: This is still a bit up in the air. She loves falling asleep on me or on her dad’s chest and very rarely lets me put her down for a nap before she’s asleep. I’m letting this go until she’s about 12 weeks/3 months old and then I’m going to start being a little more strict with her. But she’s quite good at nighttime. It can take us 2-3 hours to get her to go to sleep but once she’s down for the night she wakes only to feed and then falls straight back to sleep which is brilliant. She’s typically going 3 hours between night feeds now. I’m hoping this will start to stretch out a bit more soon. She’s still in the co-sleeper to begin the night but usually ends up in the bed with us by the 3rd feed. Once the daylight starts coming through (around 5am) there’s also no putting her back in the co-sleeper.

Feeding: Feeding is still going well. She likes to eat little and often. Typically she feeds for 10 minutes after she wakes up from her naps and that gives us 2 hours or so before she wants her next feed. Though she does look for little snacks every so often. I tried to enforce feeding no sooner than two and a half hours before she gets to feed again (as suggested by a local midwife) but that led to a catastrophic meltdown in a public car park…so I’ve backed off trying to keep a feeding schedule and I’m letting her just feed when she wants. Again, when she hits the 3 month mark I might revisit this a bit more.

Routine: We don’t really have much of a routine down. She’s still very much keeping me on my toes. Some days she’s more awake than others (and usually this means I have to hold her/bounce her/walk with her) and some days she’s very easy and likes to dose in and out a lot. We’ve been trying a bedtime routine – bringing her in to the bedroom, changing her, reading a story and putting her down to sleep – but it’s not going so well. The first night it worked PERFECTLY and she slept for her first (and so far only) 6 hour stretch and I thought we hit the jackpot. It hasn’t happened since and some nights I can literally pace around the bedroom for 3 hours before she lets me put her down without her waking back up again. Did I mention I’m waiting for the 3 month mark to start enforcing more of a proper routine?

Milestones: Baby chats! I just love love love how she’s started trying to talk to us. She coos and gurgles with purpose, usually after a feed, and then breaks into all sorts of smiles when I talk back to her. It’s just the cutest thing in the whole world. You can see her working so hard to make all sorts of shapes with her mouth and then she watches my mouth when I start saying things too. I successfully managed to film one of our baby chats and I keep showing it to everyone. Melts my heart each time. Also, she’s been letting me leave her on her play mat for a few minutes on her own which she never did before. So I guess she’s starting to learn to entertain herself a little?

Likes/Dislikes: She’s still loving white noise (hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, music, the car, white noise from my iPhone app) and loves sleeping on us. She hates being put in her car seat (but then loves being in the car), doesn’t like being put down on her own and still seems to really dislike pooping (haha).


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