Weekend Reading – For New Moms

Being a new mum you, like me, probably find it hard to find the time to sit down and read things or just peruse the internet. Here’s a list of some interesting articles I’ve come across and hope to get through this weekend!

  1. Things To Do For a New Mama – I love this list put together by Erika over on To The Sea. I’ve been thinking about doing a similar post myself and this just gives me more motivation to do so!
  2. I Am Not a Human Pacifier – a must read for all breast feeding momma’s out there! Sometimes it’s easy to feel drained by being boob on demand, particularly on those days when you’re really tired. But this piece really puts it all in perspective and reminds just how wonderful an experience breast feeding is.
  3. The Day I Left My Son In The Car – something to be learned by everyone (parents and non-parents alike) in this piece posted on Salon.com

I wish this post could be longer, but unfortunately I don’t have that much time to even find things to bookmark that I’d like to read for later on! Also…it’s about quality, not quantity 🙂

Got any other articles worth reading? Please share them with us in the comments below!


Thanks For Reading - Please Comment Below!

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