Birthday Dress for Baby Girl

Today is my birthday.

When I was pregnant, I was convinced for the first few months that I was having a boy. In Ireland, you only get one ultrasound scan unless you need more for medical reasons. I was 21 weeks pregnant when I had mine and we decided we wanted to know the sex of the baby. Personally I didn’t like referring to the baby as “it” and I also wanted to bond with the idea of what having this child would be like. I was surprised when we found out it was a girl – I don’t know why, but I’d been sure it was a boy. (So much for motherly instincts!)

Anyway, I was also wary about buying things before the baby arrived. I just didn’t want to tempt fate. We only really purchased the essentials when I hit 32 weeks. BUT – a few days after my scan I was shopping for Christmas presents and stumbled across the most adorable dress in Monsoon. They do gorgeous things for children but they’re quite expensive. This dress though was too amazing to pass up. Bonus: It was on sale! Knowing she was due the end of April (of course she arrived early at the end of March) and that my birthday was soon after, I decided if I bought size 0-3 months it would more than likely fit her. So I used the excuse of her needing something fabulous to wear as her party dress for my birthday and purchased my first piece of baby clothing. (Yay for having a girl to dress up!)

On Sunday, my parents put together a BBQ to celebrate the birthdays (it was my sister’s birthday yesterday). Baby G wore her dress and stole the show. It was a lovely moment for me – I’ve waited almost 6 months to put her in the dress and she looked even more adorable than I could have pictured when she was still growing inside me.

Here are some snaps of it. I’m going to frame the dress once she outgrows it. Any suggestions on the best way to frame an item of clothing?







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