Weekend Round Up

Saturday was a day spent indoors…the weather here has been nothing short of miserable. I was really hoping for a lovely summer – I’d pictured going for walks in the park, having picnics just sitting in the sun, reading a book and playing with my baby…but it seems it just wants to rain the whole time. Typical! There’s still time for it to pick up though…

So a friend from work called over for coffee and brought cupcakes with her (nom)…we spent an hour or so catching up, which was great. Mr G then went for a cycle up Howth Head (the rain stopped just long enough for him to make it there and back) and Baby G and I stayed behind and bounced around the apartment because she still does NOT want to be put down.

I then decided to do something I’d be waiting my whole pregnancy to do….make carbonara for dinner!! It’s one of my favourite meals but I had it when I was about 8 weeks pregnant (didn’t make the slightly raw-egg connection) and threw up EVERYWHERE after. Safe to say I learned my lesson and spent the next 9 months (actually 10 if you think about it) craving carbonara. I also made some cheesy garlic bread…and it was all SO GOOD. I went into a major food coma after.

I should probably start taking pictures.

Yesterday we went over to Nana and Gilbert’s house for lunch. They always serve really healthy food…so I felt good after. We had a big salad with smoked salmon and freshly baked brown bread. When we got home, we attempted to make our own 3D moulds of Baby G’s hands and feet. Mr G had ordered a whole kit from amazon and it finally arrived…

Except it’s not as easy as the instructions made it sound. The idea is so simple…getting a newborn to keep her hands and feet still while gel moulds around her limbs? Disaster. It tooks us about 4 attempts before we managed to get something resembling her feet.

Here are the results..

photo 2

photo 3

We just need to tidy them up a little and add a splash of paint, but I think they look pretty good.

We were too tired to attempt her hands. That can be for another evening this week!

Once we’d done the casts, we gave her a bath and tried to get her settled for bed. It was another difficult night, she was waking every 90 minutes again. But I think she might be coming down with something because her left eye is looking a little gloopy.

Will need to keep an eye on that.


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