Daily Round Up – May 21st 2014

Today was another good day…but on the back of a bit of a restless night. Baby G woke up 4 times to feed and when she woke up at 3am she went straight back to sleep which was amazing – but I couldn’t get back to sleep for an hour! There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to sleep in the middle of the night while your newborn snoozes peacefully.

Anyway, we managed to stay in bed until 8am, so that was a small victory in the sleep department!


  • I started off the day by making Clean and Lean pancakes – made from oats and cottage cheese. They sound disgusting but they’re surprisingly tasty. (Though they were also covered in maple syrup and most things are tasty when they’re covered in maple syrup…)
  • We registered Baby Girl’s birth!! It took an hour and the registry office was seriously over crowded but it’s done. Our baby girl is now a full Irish citizen. Mr G took the day off so we could do it together without rushing, so that was really nice.
  • We then went to collect a package that Mr G had sent to his office. It’s a new born cast kit so we can make our own casts of her feet and hands. I wish it had arrived sooner – she’s really growing the last few weeks – but I can’t wait to do it this weekend! It’ll be a fun project to do together.
  • We then went for lunch in Ashtown Castle in the Phoenix Park. The food was so good and the sun decided to come out while we sat in the courtyard…hopefully it sticks around for summer!
  • Bloom is currently being set up so we were watching all the gardeners work on their areas. We strolled around the walled gardens as well – so nice.
  • When we got home, Baby G was really unsettled so I took her for a walk around the park before dinner.
  • After dinner, we gave her a nice bath. As soon as we had her in her sleepsuit, she threw up all over the bed, herself and Mr G so I had to feed her all over again and get yet another load of laundry on. Thankfully we have a spare duvet on hand!
  • I’ve finally managed to get Little Lady down to sleep, I’m hoping she stays asleep for a few hours now because I can hear my bed calling my name! Can’t wait to get some sleep…

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