Daily Round Up – May 20th 2014

Today was a good day.

  • Baby G slept for a whole 4 hours at one point last night, so we felt better rested than we have in a LONG time!
  • She weighed in at 10lbs 5oz at Boob Club.
  • We went for coffee with a bunch of local mums and made friends with one lady who lives just across the street from us. Her baby is 2 weeks younger than Baby G so it’ll be good to have her around to talk to regularly.
  • I had my sister and my niece over for lunch and got to witness her crawling for the first time!
  • Baby G somehow managed to spray poop on my face while I was changing her nappy.
  • And then we went for a walk around the local park using a baby sling where she threw up all over me.
  • We were also joined on the walk by a friend and her baby. He managed to steal our TV remote on his way out the door, but he also forgot one of his toys so we’re arranging a Swap & Drop later on.
  • I put Baby G down to sleep on her tummy and she was out like a light! Happy days! (And now I’m glued to the baby monitor to make sure she’s ok…)
  • While she’s asleep, I think I’m going to catch up on some reading and then go to bed nice and early.

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