Getting ready for another night’s sleep with a newborn

Baby G’s sleeping is still so unpredictable and I’m realising that I’m starting to worry as the evening rolls around…is tonight going to be another restless night or might it be the one where she finally sleeps through? Or even just for more than 3 hours at a time? I’m exhausted. She’s slept for large chunks today which is really nice for getting stuff done – but it also means she’s going to wake up any moment for a feed and feel well rested…and won’t want to go back to sleep.

Last night she cried for 3 hours before throwing up all over me and then finally falling asleep.

So, I’ve got the dinner on. Then we’ll bath her and hopefully settle her down for the night.

Maybe I’ll even get her to sleep in her co-sleeper and let me stretch out a bit more…wish me luck!


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